Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of our client’s most common questions here so that you can get the answers you need, fast. If your question isn’t answered here, we invite you to fill out our Contact Us form.

Before you book

Why book with us?

We created our company around the customer experience. Our first priority is safety, and our second is your enjoyment of your vacation. We hire only the best crew and have cultivated a fleet of premium yachts- you’re going to have the vacation of your dreams with us.

Can I take babies and young children to a sailing holiday?

Yes, we love hosting families! You may want to choose the front cabin for a child, as this is typically the safest. We can share our additional tips for travelling with children with you upon request.

What is included and what is extra?

We state our general prices on this site, but we can give you a much more specific quote upon request. We quote on the following: the boat rental, electronic and safety equipment, dinghy for some vessels, instructions on departure, and guides and navigation.

We offer the following services for an extra cost: final cleaning, food, port taxes and fees, mooring costs, fuel, and tourist taxes. Other extras can include bedding, towels, full board, skipper, barbecue, and more- we can provide you with a list upon request.

What sailing qualifications are required?

It’s important that your navigation license permits are valid in your navigation area(s). We are available for consultation and can help you determine if you meet geographical licensing requirements. Just send us a message!

When is a good time to go on a sailing holiday?

The seasons are different all around the world- it depends on your personal preferences when it comes to the cultural environment and weather you would like to experience. The good news is that you can go pretty much anytime and there will be a place that’ll you’ll love. The bad news is that you have a lot to choose from!

How can I book online?

You’ve already come to the right place! You can book right here on this website.

Before you travel

What should I take with me on a sailing holiday?

Honestly, you won’t need very much at all- our yachts are fully equipped. Light clothing, bathing suits, athletic shoes, and possibly formal wear if you plan on visiting anywhere with a dress code. Definitely pack your passports and visas. You may want to consider packing anti-seasickness medications and any other necessary prescriptions.

What time can I get on and off my yacht?

Typically, rentals are from Saturday to Saturday. You can usually board the Saturday afternoon. Exceptions can be made depending on your needs.

What electrical supply will my yacht have?

Each yacht varies in terms of its available electrical supply. If you review our yachts profiles, each has a description of their electrical specifications.

How much are marina, town quay and anchoring fees?

This varies on a geographical basis. We will inform you during your booking process of what kind of fees you can expect and give you our best estimate.

Can I get the boat provisioned before my arrival?

Yes, but it may depend on your area. Some supermarkets offer an on-board delivery service so that all your supplies can be delivered upon your arrival. We’re happy to help to determine if this is an option for your trip.

Yacht brokerage

How do I find the right broker?

Your broker is going to be your representative for the entire purchasing process, so they need to be reliable, trustworthy, and a great communicator. We select our staff based on these precise characteristics so that you can feel open and comfortable with your needs. It’s important to have a positive broker-client relationship, and we will do everything in our power to make that happen.

Do I really need a yacht broker to sell my boat, or can I just do it on my own?

Technically, yes, you could sell on your own, although this can be very difficult. At Velocity Yachts, we have years of expertise behind us to make important decisions regarding marketing, choosing the right price, and maximizing exposure. Overall, a broker can help you generate much more interest, which in turn, can get you a better selling price in a shorter period of time.

How do I determine the asking price?

The best asking price is a fair price. Our brokers have years of experience and access to key market data, so that we can establish a fair-market value and maximize your odds of a great sell.

How do I make an offer on a yacht?

Our brokers are at the ready to help you determine a realistic offer to maximize your odds of purchasing a yacht for a fair price. Once we’ve established a price with the client, we get to work organizing all the necessary documentation. This allows you to

  1. focus on the fun parts of buying a new boat, and
  2. avoid any headaches!

What should I do to prepare my boat to sell?

A well prepared boat (aka one that will sell quickly and for a fair value), generally has the following qualities: a clean exterior and interior, lack of hull/deck/superstructure leaks, functional electronic and mechanical systems and accessories, a clean bilge and an orderly engine room, tuned engines, and a clean bottom. Additionally, the vessel should meet up to date safety requirements and have all documentation in order.

Our customers love us

“My wife and I were so happy to have found Velocity Yachts! You made our vacation flawless even when we had a last minute date change. We also loved travelling in-style- the boat was everything we hoped for and more!”

- Johnatan Davidson