What to wear when paddleboarding

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Veteran paddleboarder Duncan Slater recommends some essential paddleboard clothing to suit various weathers and SUP situations…What’s best to wear when stand-up paddleboarding? It might sound like a silly question – but the answer isn’t necessarily as straightforward as you might…Read More

Recluta – Germán Frers’ new, old yacht

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Recluta is a 69ft ketch built for renowned designer Germán Frers to lines drawn by his father some 80 years previously. Helen Fretter reportsThe Frers dynasty is responsible for more than 1,300 yacht designs. Germán Frers, having last year celebrated…Read More

Pelagic Australis’ final adventure

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Skip Novak’s final adventure on Pelagic Australis before she moves on to a new owner was a mission to save the albatrossI let go the lines at the pontoon in Cape Town and watched Pelagic Australis motor out of the…Read More

Outside in: 3 Stunning superyacht designs

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We showcase three of the latest 3 standout sailing superyacht designs for their ability to bring the outside inA priority with any new superyacht design should be of providing the owners with the ability to enjoy their surroundings to the…Read More

First look: Ovnicat 48 aluminium multihull

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The inevitable combination of both the trend for aluminium yachts and towards multihulls, the Ovnicat 48 is a new go anywhere catamaran, Rupert Holmes reports It’s easy to assume that all rugged metal yachts are very heavy. While that was…Read More