Let us take you on your dream yacht vacation- you’ll get the full luxurious experience of owning a yacht without any of the headaches. Our professional services extend from yacht registration to complete yacht management service. In other words, we do it all.


Velocity Yacht Exchange is an industry leader when it comes to yacht management and brokerage, financial management, maintenance, and most importantly, safety and security. We do it all, thanks to our incredible team.

Each one of our team members have been selected because they are driven by a passion for yachting. Collectively, our mission is to share this unforgettable experience with as many happy clients as possible. We pride ourselves on our prestigious yachts and dedication to top-notch customer service- we know you’re going to have a great time and we’re at the ready to meet any needs that may arise.

We presume you could say that we run a tight ship- and that’s a good thing! If you want a seamless, comprehensive, and most of all, a relaxing yacht vacation, we are your people. You can find us in Florida, and The Bahamas.

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Our Team

Jon Biloh

Jon Biloh, President and Owner of Velocity Yacht Exchange, LLC Jon is the President and Owner of Velocity Yacht Exchange and currently lives in Pompano Beach, Florida. Jon spent most of his life in the North East, where he has been responsible for starting and growing numerous businesses in the cloud computing industry, ultimately making timely and succesful exits, Jon now calls Florida home. Having been around boats of all sizes on Lake Erie for decades, Jon's passion for the marine industry caused him to form Velocity Yacht Exchange in 2013. Today he's focused on creating meaningful customer relationships as he helps buyers and sellers realize their goals of enjoying the best parts of the boating lifestyle.

Want to contact Jon?

Jon Biloh
Phone: 716-949-3858 Call/Text/WhatsApp
Email: jbiloh@velocityyachts.com

John Biloh

John Biloh, Director of Vessel Operations at Velocity Yacht Exchange, LLC John spent his 40 year aviation career captaining Boeing 747/767/757/727 aircraft internationally to worldwide destinations with a perfect safety record, retiring in 2013 to focus exclusively on Velocity Yacht Exchange. John has owned and operated boats since 1975 and was issued a Coast Guard Captain’s license in 1984. He has been responsible for managing, maintaining, crewing and captaining vessels from 21' to 90'. John's in-depth knowledge of vessel systems, diesel engines, navigational charts, and understanding of weather forecasting allows him to operate safely and efficiently. John has operated vessels all around Florida along with the Islands of the Bahamas and the Mediterranean coastal waters of Spain, France and Gibraltar.

Want to contact John?

John Biloh (Sr.)
Phone: 716-867-3696 Call/Text/WhatsApp
Email: jbiloh747@yahoo.com

Our customers love us

“My wife and I were so happy to have found Velocity Yachts! You made our vacation flawless even when we had a last minute date change. We also loved travelling in-style - the boat (and the crew!) was everything we hoped for and more.”

- Michael Davidson